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Destination Destination

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sounds real good. Good chords (some of them might even sound a bit too edgy, but i like that), good tempo and good melodies. However, i feel like you make it sound a bit too complicated in the description, i kinda read the description while i was listening to the intro, theres no huge noticable signature changes, triples are as usual as any, so i would recommend you change that. Of course it doesen't actually modify the track in any bad way, so don't take it badly. Keep it up!

johnfn responds:

this is a really interesting comment. i do agree that the comments i leave can kinda affect how you listen to the song. the thing is that on the other hand i want to document the stuff i did. however i did go and change the comments to be more vague ;-)

thanks for the review!